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PM submersible motors have been designed and produced to solve most of the common problems that installers can face during the life and work of a submersible pump. We did it thanks to high quality components and specific production processes which ensure reliability and performance over time of our range.

As follows we mark the main technical features of PM Technology submersible motors 4’’ oil filled (rewindable):

  • External Sleeve: made of Stainless Steel 304L (Low Carbon). The low quantity of Carbon (<0,03%) guarantees high corrosion resistance along the whole welding line, which is typically the most sensitive part of the motor.

  • Shaft: all shafts are produced through a friction welding process that allows the application of 2 different kinds of materials:

  • Rotor area is made of Carbon Steel in order to enhance the electrical characteristics of the motor.

  • Shaft Projection (part in contact with the water ) is made of stainless steel 304 for motors till 3hp, instead for motors from 4hp and over it is made of DUPLEX. This special steel (DUPLEX) combines excellent resistance to corrosion and high resistance to mechanical stress, a necessary features on engines with higher starting torques.

  • Removable Power Cable Connector: this solution takes 2 main advantages:

  • It ensures greater reliability (compared to motors without cable connector), most of all in very deep installations where we face high pressures. A perfect sealing prevents water infiltration and oil rising along the electrical cable.

  • It simplifies cable replacement in case it’s required a different cable length (check accessories catalog) and it allows a fast motor replacement in existing installation saving time and cost of new cable connection.

  • Sand Protection system with Filter: All PM motors, in addition to the standard rubber sand protection system, are equipped with a special filter that stops any impurities that may get in contact with the external face of mechanical seal. This ensures a longer mechanical seal lifetime.

The above mentioned technical features, along with a meticulous manufacturing process and with a double testing during assembly (Hydraulic and Electric) on 100 % of our production, guarantee a motor with higher technical performance and long term reliability.

4'' rewindable oil filled submersible motors

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